Spring is Here at Duck Duck Farms

Spring is all about new life, beginnings, and growth. Nowhere is this more apparent than on a farm. The sights, and especially for me - the SMELLS - tell of warmer days just around the corner.

If you've been following us on Facebook, you would have seen that our first crop of lambs arrived in late January. All were happy and healthy; athough one ewe(Betty) - a new mom - decided she only wanted to accept one of her twins. This meant William and I had a bottle baby in the house with us for a few weeks. This little button of a girl was slightly "lopsided" after being born (who isn't?), so we lovingly dubbed her "Loppy". I definitly developed a bond little Loppy, although I think she basically just viewed me as her food source. I didn't mind.

Of course I was a little sad when Loppy and her friends left us last weekend, but I was SO happy they all went to live at Corner Post Meats in southern Colorado. If you are interested in GMO and hormone-free, grass-fed meats, definitely check them out. Dan and Adrienne are amazing, and we love that our lambs go to such a good home every season.

So, after all of the lambs left us last weekend, lo and behold, earlier this week we had a nice surprise. As I was watering and feeding all of the animals, I walked over to the ewe pen, and immediately saw two tiny lambs. Agnus (our only semi-wooly ewe) had delivered that very morning. Both lambs - one boy and one girl - were already up and nursing. Yay for Spring!!

Our tomato and pepper seedlings are looking grand. They'll be moved to larger containers TODAY, and in a few weeks will make their way to the greenhouse to harden off before going in the ground.

The bees have been coming out more and more. William and I love watching them working hard and bringing pollen back to the hives. (We're still trying to figure out where exactly they're getting it from!) We are looking forward to having honey again.

So, as you can see, Spring is in the air at Duck Duck Farms. That means fresh produce just around the corner - YAY!

#spring #lambs #bees #planting

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