We raise pasture-fed lamb with no antibiotics or hormones.  We are keen on the Dorper breed because Dorpers are well adapted to the arid regions of South Africa and their hardiness helps them in Colorado's dry summers, and unpredictable winters. 

Because Dorpers have hair (not wool which contains oil) the meat does not have the “mutton taste” that causes so many Americans to avoid eating lamb. It is succulent and fine textured.


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Duck Duck Farms rests along the Platte River, and due to the warm water sloughs running through the property, the Winter skies are filled with all breeds of duck, geese, heron, and pheasant; hence, the name, Duck Duck Farms.


Although we don't raise our own cattle on the property, we often lease pasture in order to help with prairie restoration.

We allow up to 150 head during spring and summer months.

If you are interested in leasing with us, please contact William at

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