We never imagined trading in our Colorado Rockies for the Rubies in Northeastern Nevada, but sometimes well, life just happens. We began a new chapter in Spring Creek, Nevada in October, 2018.

We are missing our farm in Colorado, but loving the slower Old-West pace, laid-back neighbors, and beautiful mountains in our backyard (yes the image above is Lamoille Canyon in the Ruby Mountains, just 10 minutes away.)

Thank you to the entire Colorado farm community, chefs, and customers who supported Duck Duck Farm since we began in 2013. Because of you, we were able to live our dream and share our love of heirloom veggies and meats all over the state.

We heard the local farmer's market in nearby Lamoille, Nevada is always looking for vegetable vendors. I wouldn't be surprised if Duck Duck Farm makes a resurgence this Spring in a new home! 

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